Regrets, everyone has them.

I went to a wedding the other day, so you know what that means – getting suited and booted, and plastering on a smile with superglue. You’re not allowed to be unhappy at weddings.

So we’re all waiting in the church, I’m on the Groom’s side near the front, though I don’t particularly know the couple. Not as an entity anyway, I know him sort of, not her. But I think I got to know her that day. They’re both around about my age – yeah I know quite young for modern society.

As we all stood for the entrance of the bride, in between two of the bridesmaid coming down the aisle, a young(ish) man slipped in quietly and took a seat at the very back on the Bride’s side. I thought that was a bit strange, almost like he was sneaking in, and he looked unhappy to be there in the first place.
All was revealed when the bride came in, the look of utter anguish and longing on his face and the slight stutter in the Bride’s step when she saw him [things I think everyone else missed, so entranced they were by the bride]. It was obviously a case of love lost, but I didn’t want to come to conclusions too soon, though I guessed either the he’s been invited out of courtesy, rather than any real expectation, or he’d heard about it and needed to see it happen.

I might have been imagining things, but the bride seemed a bit restless after that, not quite as happy as she should have been.

A bit later on, he came over to, I assume, congratulate her, or maybe just stir things up a bit. [Yes I sound like a stalker, but I was curious]. It nearly broke my heart clean in two, their expressions and the way their hands lingered on eachother, briefly enough to be missed by a non-stalker.

Yes, I know, Groom’s friend technically, I should have had a different reaction, but watching Bride and Groom closely, it was clear that the same depth of emotion just wasn’t there. All relationships are different I know, but when you can look at two people you’ve never met and see their love as a palpable thing, it seems to outstrip the true relationship/union playing out in front of me.

I can only guess whether this will cause problems for them in the future, but it’s very obvious that there’s some regret floating around.

Everyone has regrets, but some are more extreme than others it seems.
Not even sure why ~I posted this, I just needed to share I suppose.




i. I have a friend, who lights up my life.
And she is not perfect; far from it.
In fact, she is a disease, crawling in my heart.
My heart can’t take much more.


ii. She comes to me, in her best dress and highest heels;
too high on her own existence to meet me half way.
I’m afraid that she is broken beyond repair.


iii. She is imperfect, the image of beauty,
The personification of sin,
I’m not the only one to have looked into her eyes and lost it all;
She can create a universe in a sentence, a world in a sigh.

iv. Her elixir is neat alcohol;
her home, a stranger’s sheets.
These strangers that she collects, piece by piece.

v. I wanted this to be a reflection, of how I think she’s perfect.
Her flaws are exquisite,
her lips and hips,
were made in dreams.
But I think instead that I am twisted,
for finding beauty in a creature as heartless as she.


vi. She finds herself in the blue coolness of a late night,
where sweat and whispered nothings cocoon her from the outside.
She is sex, and she excels.


vii. She is broken and tainted;
She makes you want to be too.


viii. She,

Friday’s Post isn’t late!

  I’ve just realised that my Friday’s Fiction post didn’t post yesterday, not entirely sure why, but it was written and (I thought) posted before I went out for a meal last night. Sometimes I just don’t get technology – I even prefer to write rather than type..

  Right, any-who, I’m going to hopefully work my way through the next four episodes of Sherlock Holmes [series], can’t get enough of Cumberbatch as Sociopathic Sherlock or of Freeman as a now not-so-reluctant Doc Watson. May shut down the internet for a short while, it fries my brain I’m sure. Or distracts me at least.


Inspiration found.

  I have just had the biggest kick to write. It came from a video/post on my reader.

  This video included a form of music and style of song that doesn’t usually appeal to me; no matter the skill of the performer. However, this video blew me away as did the obvious talent of the singer herself. I originally followed her due to my interest in real life journeys and I have huge respect for people that are willing to chase their goals and dreams.


  I won’t tell you what I was inspired to write by seeing this video – it may not even be of any interest to you, my beautiful collection of followers – but I will share with you a link to the post and blog by this amazing singer by the name of Charlotte Hoather.

  I just think this post was mainly to show that inspiration comes from everywhere and that once in a while you should follow someone with big dreams or different interests to yourself. And if any of you happen to be in the area when Ms. Hoather has a concert, I recommend you attend!



Book Vs Film

Try to keep the creative juices flowing, I unfortunately don’t have the energy today, long day of travelling and being on my feet with sub four hours sleep, so instead here’s a book vs film.

Harry Potter:

Many of the fans protest about important scenes being cut and some dodgy continuity (lavender brown anyone?).
However, the casting was very good for the film and the special effects were pretty spectacular – it kept the characters pretty consistent from one to the other.

I’m going to say the books, because I love to read! Also, the books reveal new things every time you read them, the film stays the same.

Percy Jackson:


Lord of The Rings:

The book is very very long, but so are the films…
The films do miss out some important parts, but the casting was pretty stellar.
Also, Saruman’s Trololol YouTube video ;).

The film wins! (Books were a bit slow)