Inspiration found.

  I have just had the biggest kick to write. It came from a video/post on my reader.

  This video included a form of music and style of song that doesn’t usually appeal to me; no matter the skill of the performer. However, this video blew me away as did the obvious talent of the singer herself. I originally followed her due to my interest in real life journeys and I have huge respect for people that are willing to chase their goals and dreams.


  I won’t tell you what I was inspired to write by seeing this video – it may not even be of any interest to you, my beautiful collection of followers – but I will share with you a link to the post and blog by this amazing singer by the name of Charlotte Hoather.

  I just think this post was mainly to show that inspiration comes from everywhere and that once in a while you should follow someone with big dreams or different interests to yourself. And if any of you happen to be in the area when Ms. Hoather has a concert, I recommend you attend!




2 thoughts on “Inspiration found.

  1. Hi Alexander, i can not thank you enough for your supportive comments, it really gives me a boost when a performance connects with somebody that watches or listens to it. I have a long way to go with my training but I am looking forward to the improvements that it will bring to my singing.

    Keep on writing and sharing with us.

    • You’re more than welcome and you’re well deserving of the support, the depth and breadth of your passion is admirable and I look forward to hearing/reading more of your posts.

      Thank you.

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