I’ve found myself exploring more and more YA novels and series, as this is an area I find fun to write. I’ve been comparing 1st Person YA fiction and 3rd Person YA Fiction and can’t decide which I prefer.

  1st Person provides a better insight in to how a character perceives the world around them; 3rd person allows more control over how other characters feel about the antagonist – both are enjoyable to read, when done well.

YA I’m enjoying at the moment (although some may disagree with my categorisation of YA):
The Chronicles of Vladmir Todd and The Slayer Series by Heather Brewer
Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus Series by Rick Riordan
Paranormalcy (?) Trilogy by Kiersten White
Maximum Ride Series by James Patterson
Finding Sky, Stealing Phoenix and Seeking Crystal by Joss Stirling

Yes, I know I’m early twenties but some books are good to read no matter your age [HP anyone?]

So guys, 1st or 3rd person for reading and writing?
What YA would you recommend?
Action, Romance or both?

– AR


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