My Beautiful may not be your Beautiful

  I like to surround myself with beautiful things, lots and lots of beautiful things. 

  Which got me thinking. Isn’t it strange how one thing that I find beautiful, you may find plain? This applies to people too. You see it every day – although I try not to be judgemental – you might see someone and have no reaction (at least not positive) to their appearance or maybe that hill top view just doesn’t do it for you, yet someone else comes along and falls in love with it.
  At the moment I’m surrounded by old-look wooden floors and paint that shows the brushstrokes on the walls and a chilly but entrancing sea. Some of you are probably screwing your faces up right now, but that’s what I like, I would love to live beside the sea. 
  I have a friend who loves weddings and thinks as an entirety they’re beautiful and full of wonder. I, however, find the relationship dynamics interesting but don’t have a huge physical reaction to the wedding itself – call me heartless if you wish. 
  As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It makes us unique that we all find different things appealing.
  Happiness is surrounding yourself with things you find beautiful and uplift your spirit. Remember: you, your work, your ideas and your mind – are beautiful to at least one other person in this world and that is more than enough reason to smile.

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